A Creativity-led Branding Agency

Agency 1204 is a strategy and brand impact agency in Chicago, IL, that fuses the power of knowledge, creativity, and interaction to deliver products and services that clear the path to revenue (get you to the bag). Our sweet spot is in the audio/visual content development space creating collaterals that resonate with your core audience. 


A.C.E. Factor

We employ the A.C.E. Factor, our proprietary philosophy as the lifeblood of our campaigns. We integrate this comprehensive approach to achieve maximum results.


A: Analyze

strategy segment where we apply critical analysis to develop a clear path forward


C: Create

artistic segment where we develop impactful content to meet our clients’ objectives


E: Engage

interface segment where we develop touch-points between our clients and the marketplace

From A Place Of Passion!


Creative To The Core

We are a diverse team of innovators who are passionate about creating impact for our clients.

Legacy Building

We are driven by the desire to create career-defining work, and we have fun doing it.

We work with forward-Thinking brands